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Hiring scaffolding ?

Auckland Mobile Scaffolding answers your questions.



How do I know if aluminium mobile scaffolding is suitable for my job ?


Aluminium mobile scaffolding is suitable for almost any job, residential or commercial, where height is involved. Aluminium mobile scaffolding helps projects get done safely and easily. There are hundreds of uses! Take a look through some examples or contact us for advice.


Will aluminium mobile scaffolding save me time and money ?


Yes! This is one of the main benefits of mobile scaffolding. Whether you're a tradesman or a DIYer, mobile scaffolding will save you time and money, as it allows you to move freely, quickly and safely while you work on your project. Our aluminium mobile scaffolding is lightweight & manageable and with the extra safety it provides and it's ease of use is ideal for DIY Projects.


How much will it cost for me to get my mobile scaffolding delivered/installed ?


Basic pricing can be found here but each situation has different factors to consider. Contact us to get a quote, you will find us flexible and we will help find a solution that will work for you.


Who uses aluminium mobile scaffolding ?


Aluminium mobile scaffolding is suitable for a wide variety of commercial and residential project types including boat builders, schools, construction companies, electricians, painters and home owners. Take a look through some examples or contact us if you are unsure.

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